A powered minecart rail with chasing lights. A lit furnace with a pulsing blue glow.

This texture pack started when snapshot 13w02a simultaneously introduced support for arbitrary texture pack resolutions and animated textures. I was immediately inspired to create animated powered rail and furnace textures.

I showed my work to Jeb and Dinnerbone; Jeb retweeted it and the community's response was overwhelmingly positive. So here I am, making a texture pack.


The latest version is 0.20. Get it here.

Older versions can be found under releases.

News & Releases


— too little too late?

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First update of the new year! Nine months (a coincidence–I wasn’t pregnant) and five internal releases later and not much to show for it. But there’s some nice stuff here anyways.

  • fixes for Minecraft 1.7 compatibility??? That’s all my notes say and I forget what actually changed.
  • added podzol textures
  • added acacia textures
  • added dark oak textures
  • added record icons
  • added taller tall grass texture with lil brown seed pods
  • added danny lion texture
  • added tripwire texture
  • added item icons for cauldron and wooden door (spoilers: they’re just the front block textures)
  • tweaked wood colors to make them richer and more contrasty


— the chest to end all chests

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This release marks a few things, including the partial return of MCPatcher support. It also marks the moment that I finally got sick of wonk-ass “1.0pre” releases and decided to retroactively switch to the more standard X.Y.Z style.

Versions 0.13 and 0.14 were eaten by a grue.

  • added log-end textures for all log types
  • added pretty gravel
  • added random “glitch” textures for bedrock if MCPatcher is installed
  • added creepy, gritty as heck ender chest
  • the return of quartz pillar and bookshelf connected textures
  • reinstated birch leaves texture as a simple copy of the oak texture
  • brightened obsidian and obsidian-based textures slightly
  • enchanting table now has a red cloth, like the default
  • added a hastily put together custom title screen panorama that will be changed later

I’ve been pretty indecisive about a number of things in this release, so I may have forgotten to list some of the things that have changed. I don’t think I like MCPatcher very much.


— resourcefulness

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Bringing the pack up to spec for Minecraft 1.6.

  • brushed off the inch of dust that had settled on the project
  • updated to new Resource Pack format
    • CTM support is gone until that crap’s up to date
    • breaks compatibility with Minecraft 1.5 and older
  • tweaked grass block colors
  • added textures for mycelium
  • added foliage colors (currently the same as grass, mostly)
  • replaced cheesy wigglewater with a procedural texture
    • made the water a little more clear
    • flowing water still needs an update, oops
  • forgot something important (most likely)

As per the new Resource Pack spec, this thing goes in the resourcepacks folder, not texturepacks.


— connections

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Beginnings of MCPatcher (mostly CTM and custom colors) support, GUI textures and more.

  • MCPatcher features
    • bookshelf alternates
    • top and bottom greebles for quartz pillars
    • unique wood fence texture
    • grass, redstone, water color maps
  • generic GUI textures (but not containers or inventories)
  • newly-required animation definitions for all animated textures
  • removed custom fonts until I can figure out how character widths are determined in vanilla


— utterly enchanting

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Great new textures, including the torch I’ve been putting off forever.

  • Added obsidian textures to go with your fancy Nether portals.
  • Added enchanting table with a fancy as heck book.
  • Added bookshelves. I have several variants ready for CTM support, but that’s waiting for an official 1.5 release.
  • Added cloth textures. Sorry, they’re all the same except for the color.
  • Added ice in the laziest way possible. It’s just inverted still water.
  • Added quartz block and pillar. No chiseled texture yet!
  • Added emerald block!
  • Added that friggin’ torch finally.


— fiya wata

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Textures for all things fire and water. Not a very big update, but as of yet this is the update that has taken the most effort by far.

  • Added weird, wiggly, hand-drawn textures for still and flowing water; may replace them later.
  • Added procedurally generated, hand-tweaked textures for fire, lava and nether portal blocks.


— revisitations

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New tall grass texture plus some minor touch-ups and fixes.

  • Added textures for vertical dispensers and droppers.
  • Fixed End stone not actually showing the custom texture; learned that texture names are case sensitive.
  • Added pre-colored grass to sidegrass for unfancy people
  • Tweaked the contrast of grass.
  • Lightened outlines on diamond and emerald ore so they don’t look as pasted-on.
  • Added shading to the spider web texture so it doesn’t just suck a whole bunch.
  • Changed bedrock to a darker version of the normal stone texture, for now.


— the public debut

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First public release. Woefully incomplete. Sorry about that.